Pumpkin Patch

During the cool fall, we went to a Pumpkin Patch! There were many orange pumpkins in a varity of shapes..! There was one in the shape of an oval, and there was one like a circle too!! We went over to the register without a large pumpkin. “Where is your pumpkin, miss?” The cashier said “We want a carved one..” The respectful lady said, “OK! What do you want it like??” The kind cashier asked. “I would like one in the shape of a.. kitten!” “Yes ma’am!” The cashier replyed.


A few moments later he came back with his finest kitten carved pumpkin.


“Thank you sir!” she exlamed! “You sure are welcome!” The cashier replyed in a cheerful tone. “How much for it??” She asked, pulling out her wallet. “Nothing! We don’t need pay!” He replyed joyfully.. “Oh.. its fine! It’s a really nice pumpkin, you deserve a tip atleast! :)” She said grabbing two hundred dollars for the hard working man. She put her wallet back into her purse. “Thank you so much!” he exlamed.

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