9/11 Reflections

 9/11, it showed the best and the worst of humanity that day.. It was a pretty terrifying day. Nothing was the same since that day. On that day the word ‘terrorist’ became and everyday word. The exact amount of people who died that day was 2,996. The first plane hit the South Tower, the second plane hit the North tower, third plane hit the pentagon, and the 4th plane hit some land in Pennsylvania, people think that it was heading for the White House. It crashed because of the brave people who sacrafised their lives for the people in Washington D.C. If you ask me how i feel about 9/11, this is what i’d say.. “Its sick to know that people do this to the innocent, i’m confused on why the muslims thought they’d get closer to god by doing this.. they killed little babys, and office workers who had no idea what was coming.”


Pumpkin Patch

During the cool fall, we went to a Pumpkin Patch! There were many orange pumpkins in a varity of shapes..! There was one in the shape of an oval, and there was one like a circle too!! We went over to the register without a large pumpkin. “Where is your pumpkin, miss?” The cashier said “We want a carved one..” The respectful lady said, “OK! What do you want it like??” The kind cashier asked. “I would like one in the shape of a.. kitten!” “Yes ma’am!” The cashier replyed.


A few moments later he came back with his finest kitten carved pumpkin.


“Thank you sir!” she exlamed! “You sure are welcome!” The cashier replyed in a cheerful tone. “How much for it??” She asked, pulling out her wallet. “Nothing! We don’t need pay!” He replyed joyfully.. “Oh.. its fine! It’s a really nice pumpkin, you deserve a tip atleast! :)” She said grabbing two hundred dollars for the hard working man. She put her wallet back into her purse. “Thank you so much!” he exlamed.

The life in 5th Grade!!

Hello! My name, is Emma Turner, but u can call me Emmi (or KitKat), and this is what has been going on in 5th grade, for the last 2 weeks! So, we recently, had Orange Chicken! And it tastes, A. M. A. Z. I. N. G!

So, moving on, me and my friend, (At ScHoOl) love all of our teachers!! In our opinion, they are all amazing, and nice– (and funny)

everyone at (ScHoOl) are my friends, but Riely is my bestest friend! Well, Riely, and Bayla! They are my best friends, we always play outside together! We don’t play any certain games, honestly, we just run around!! Me, Riely, and Bayla, weren’t really friends for a bit, in the begging of the school year, I didn’t have any friends, but me and Riely and Bayla became friends again! I also made new friends, Adeline, and Alyssa! I’m proud to have my friends! My friends are super nice, and friendly, and vErY sWeEt!!!!!! So, yeah, thats how 5th grades going hahaha!

African Chebra Update

John Lock, when he was 7, he found the Chebra hiking with his parents. Now, hes 35, and found more than just one. Of course, he made sure not to look it in the eye, he found several in a group! They were hunting, it has been over a year, and they started attacking, now, John is a zooligist. He studys the Chebra especially hard. He found, lots of Chebras, were just hiding in their burrow! They had never gone instinct at all! They were just hiding, from they’re worst predator! The top of the food chain.. THE BEAR! The bear had found one of the mothers babys, and she had to protect them, she tried hurting the bear, but she failed. The father had grabbed the babys, and went inside their burrow. It was a very close call, and John Lock, had captured a video! Now, we don’t have any links to find it, but, we interviewed Lock, and this is what he said:

So, becoming a zooligist, is a big choice. Now in my situation, i had lost tons of friends because they thought my discovery of the Chebra, was plain rubbish! Now, i know Mr. Ferry, discoverd the Chebra, but i like to think, i had a part in discovering it! In 1990, sevral years after! I found the Chebra!