Colonial Bookbinder

Being a bookbinder is tough!

You have to carefully fold the page, then you have to make the cover, then you have to bind the book cover to the pages, then grab a  HAMMER and hit the cover to the pages so it stays flat, and close to the book. But on the bright side of things, I sold a book to a wealthy young man! For 23$! The one he got was a nice leather covered one. It’s always a back-breaking day for me, but making the book’s are worth it all! You may end up getting the money i got! Today was payday, and i got 16$ full dollars! Add 23$ and 16$ together, it’s 39$ full dollars! I got a-lot of money for working hard. So, me working hard and basically breaking my back, was all worth it! The next day may be even harder than last, but the thing is you need a-lot of patience to have this job, patience and creativity, because of what i said before, you have to carefully fold the pages, make the cover, bind them together, then grab a hammer and hit the cover against the pages so it stays flat. It’s the next day at work, more back-breaking than the last as i said, I sold a book this time to a not wealthy, but poor man, he gave me 10$ witch isn’t a lot at all! Not compared to the wealthy young man. I don’t have much money, i need to start making better books to attract the wealthy. It’s been a few days after, and i made at least 2 leather books! I’m working on my 3rd one right now.

*Now, being myself, a 11 year old, you can see, being a bookbinder wasn’t easy.. they had lots of work to do, making money, and making the books, it was really hard for them, espically with the fact that they don’t get payed much by their boss.*

Colonial Leaders

Who is Mary Dyer?

1: Mary was a colonial American Puritan turned Quaker.

2: Mary is one who practices or preaches a strict moral/spirtual code.

3: She is an important person because she is one of the four executed quakers.

4: One of Mary Dyer’s famous quotes are within these sentences  “Mary Dyer, you shall go from hence to the place from whence you came, and from thence to the place of execution, and there be hanged till you be dead.” She replied, “The will of the Lord be done.”

5: Born in England, Mary Dyer challenged the religious persecution of Quakers in the American colonies in the 1600’s a challenge she paid for with her life. She and her husband, William Dyer, emigrated to Massachusetts in 1635. She sympathized with Anne Hutchinson’s religious views and moved to Rhode Island in 1638.

6: The four Quakers who were hanged, including Mary Dyer, actually chose to die, rather than agree to permanent exile from Massachusetts and their preaching and religious support there.  They were given the opportunity to leave—and live—and chose instead to take a stand for liberty of conscience in the hope that their deaths would be so shocking that the persecution would end. They were hanged for civil disobedience. Mary Dyer’s letter to the Boston magistrates shows that she was opposed to their “bloody” laws of religious intolerance and persecution, and that she rejected their conditional offer of release.

7: Mary Dyers last words were:

“Nay, I came to keep bloodguiltiness from you, desireing you to repeal the unrighteous and unjust law made against the innocent servants of the Lord. Nay, man, I am not now to repent.”

That is Mary Dyer

Halloween Scare

It is halloween night, my friend Alex is dressed as a vampire. We go around, watching the kids starting to laugh, as they run off from a house.. Alex and i stay together, and then we disagree on a house, “I wanna go to that house,” Alex said, pointing to a creepy house, ‘”No! That’s much to scary!” We hear a voice calling out to us, very familiar voice, but we couldn’t say who it was. We turn around looking for it, still hearing the faint sound of someone familiar, Than, we saw Lauryn, waving while running twords us, “Hey!” Alex called out “Wanna go to that house?” Alex said pointing to the creepy house. “That house?” Lauryn  asked, pointing to the creepy house. “Yes!” Alex exlaimed “Yea! But, what about Emma?” Lauryn asked, “I’ll go to the nice less scary house over there.” Emma replied, pointing her thumb behind her back to the nice house. Lauryn and Alex walked to the house. “I want to knock! I call dibs!” Lauryn yelled, sprinting twords the door. ‘knock, knock, knock..’ The door opened, Alex see’s a shadow that runs twords the door. It grabs Lauryn, he started screaming, as the shadow cackled. It’s laugh filled the air.. “NO!” Alex yelled, banging the door. Emma sprinted twords him, “What happend??” Emma asked, “Lauryn got taken!” Alex cried. “We have to save her!” Emma said climbing a old, junky brown car onto the roof. Alex followed. “We need to break the window, but what can we use?” Emma looked around, until she found a hammer. “Ha!~ What’re the odds?!” Emma said exitedly, while smashing the window, Emma and Alex carefully slipped through the glass filled hole. “Where would she be..?” Emma wondered, than, Alex stopped, dead in his tracks, terrified. “Why did you sto- oh my gosh..” Emma said. “SOPHIA!” Emma screamed. “What?” Sophia said.. “Come on! Lauryn got taken!” Alex yelled, helping up Sophia. Sophia stood tall, “I know my way, come on.” Alex and Emma followed her. After a few minutes of searching, they found Lauryn, in the 5th floor. “LAURYN! LAURYN!” Sophia yelled, “Guys!” Lauryn yelled, “We have to get out of here!” Sophia said. “StOp RiGhT tHeRe” a cracked voice said.. We all turned,”Madam! GO AWAY!” Sophia yelled sticking her hand out, knocking the witch down.. “Oh i outta..” The with yelled, Sophia started fighting the witch with magic! “Guys! Go, i’ll come follow once i’m done..” Sophia yelled. Everybody ran to the window, watching Sophia defeat the witch. She ran outside and everyone was safe atlas!

Homecoming 2018

On Friday October 5th we had homecoming for the first time in 3 years, for the seniors in High School (Their prom, I guess.. ) And it’s a football game is what I know,  in the next 3 years, i’m gonna be in 8th grade, during homecoming. The next day, on Saturday, October 6th, I was at my grandma’s house, asleep at 10:00, when the parade had started, and me and my grandma were gonna go, but we couldn’t make it, because she lives in Gilmer. And it was already past 10:00 by the time she woke up. I wasn’t able to go to the parade either, sadly, because there were horse rides, and you could pet bunnies, and Mr. Mac was there with a train, not a real one, but one you could ride. (That is what i heard) So, my grandma took me to the movies, since i couldn’t go to the parade, we went to see A House With A Clock In It’s Walls… it was a good/scary movie i had saw a few days before with my mom and my friends (And someones new boyfriend! 😉 hahahaha) And so that was happend on Homecoming, and the Parade weekend.


Mount of the Holy cross

The size of Mount of the Holy Cross is 14,009’.
Fun fact about Mount of the Holy Cross is~ Mount of the Holy Cross has a cross carved into the mountain!

9/11 Reflections

 9/11, it showed the best and the worst of humanity that day.. It was a pretty terrifying day. Nothing was the same since that day. On that day the word ‘terrorist’ became and everyday word. The exact amount of people who died that day was 2,996. The first plane hit the South Tower, the second plane hit the North tower, third plane hit the pentagon, and the 4th plane hit some land in Pennsylvania, people think that it was heading for the White House. It crashed because of the brave people who sacrafised their lives for the people in Washington D.C. If you ask me how i feel about 9/11, this is what i’d say.. “Its sick to know that people do this to the innocent, i’m confused on why the muslims thought they’d get closer to god by doing this.. they killed little babys, and office workers who had no idea what was coming.”


Pumpkin Patch

During the cool fall, we went to a Pumpkin Patch! There were many orange pumpkins in a varity of shapes..! There was one in the shape of an oval, and there was one like a circle too!! We went over to the register without a large pumpkin. “Where is your pumpkin, miss?” The cashier said “We want a carved one..” The respectful lady said, “OK! What do you want it like??” The kind cashier asked. “I would like one in the shape of a.. kitten!” “Yes ma’am!” The cashier replyed.


A few moments later he came back with his finest kitten carved pumpkin.


“Thank you sir!” she exlamed! “You sure are welcome!” The cashier replyed in a cheerful tone. “How much for it??” She asked, pulling out her wallet. “Nothing! We don’t need pay!” He replyed joyfully.. “Oh.. its fine! It’s a really nice pumpkin, you deserve a tip atleast! :)” She said grabbing two hundred dollars for the hard working man. She put her wallet back into her purse. “Thank you so much!” he exlamed.