MakerSpace Goals

What I plan on doing during MakerSpace is to do BB8 or play on silk or this is sand.
What i’m mainly wanting to do is do BB8 because we are coding the BB8 to move.
When I, or if I get tired of BB8 i’ll more than likely do the theater one.
I also may end up using the 3D coloring app.
It’ll be fun I think… well anyway I also wanna do hot wheels probably.
Doing hot wheels is fun because we do team work, we help each other do track ideas, like, we make a plan for the car to go, and where it’ll go from. Moving on to another idea, I also wanna do is cup stacking. I absolutley love cup stacking. I’ve been cup stacking since Kindergarten. These are the things I wanna do during MakerSpace. (I think I named them all XD)

How Schools Going So Far

hello! so this is how ALL my classes are going so far-
Computers-So, computers are going good. We did hour of code, we made an animation.. and right now we are learning how to touch type!
Gym class- So, Gym, its going good. we run a few laps, play dodgeball… its fun!
Music- In music we are practicing our recorder fingerings, and getting our belts. i havent been able to try out for my orange belt yet tho.
Healthy Bodys- So, its all good. we do are staitions, we watch dude perfect, and do yoga!
Mrs. Wielys- So, its good! we do test, watch movies, most things arent a test. obvy. but everything is a grade most the time.
Mrs. Smallwood- Shes nice, we read wonder, do stations, we do work sheets and morning work. the ushe.
Mrs. Snider- We do morning work, do test, the santa beard, and then do xtra math and then prodigy!

Just left Austin

Haiii!!! I just left Austin, and i wanna tell you what i got for christmas! So, i got a hoverboard, a drone, art supplie, pokemon stuff, etc.
Hoverboard update: Sadly, my Hoverboard doesnt work.. if i get on it now, it dies immidaiatly. So we r reaturning it, and getting me a new one.
Drone update: Sadly, my drone doesnt work.. when i try to fly it, one of the propellers doesnt work…
Austin update: Austin is AWESOME!!!! I love the Target there, everyone is so nice! I love it there! Sadly, there was no snow 🙁

Hour Of Code Reflection

On Hour Of Code, I did the Minecraft one.

On Hour Of Code, I learned that Hour Of Code is actually kinda simple, like, if you do ‘forever do’ you drag it to the thing, and then, you drag the ‘walk’ one into the ‘forever do’ then you grab the ‘turn left/right’ and drag it under it, and when you press play they walk and turn forever!